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Streamlining process and increasing collaboration through construction technology

Streamlining process and increasing collaboration through construction technology
The project managers and coordinators at Vicano Construction Limited have always had each other’s backs. However, without a unified project management platform they were often working at odds with each other. Choosing Procore project management software has not only unified their efforts and streamlined operations — it’s helped the company win new contracts.

Vicano is a family-run commercial, industrial, and general contractor/construction manager based in Brantford, Ontario. Established 40 years ago, it focuses on commercial projects of all sizes including retail stores, warehouses, renovations, and large-scale distribution centres.

Before searching for a construction project management solution, the company had no set processes in place to manage projects from a central location. 

The team always had good intentions to follow identical templates produced in Microsoft Word, Excel and Office. However, team members often slowly veered away to develop their own customized forms. That made it a challenge to merge, save, update and manage shared documents across the organization.  If a project manager used a unique method for managing file changes, but happened to be out of the office, others couldn’t continue working on the project. 

After assessing a number of project management options, Vicano found a solution in Procore, which eliminated organizational challenges by functioning as a unified repository for all company documents. 

“One thing we really like about Procore is that we know we can go into any project and find everything we need,” says Marc Vicano, a project manager with Vicano.

After using Procore for nearly a year, the construction company found that its field team, support staff and office staff were logging in regularly to obtain information about their projects’ status and health. Many of their users in the field benefited from the convenience of mobile tools built for iOS and Android. 

“I use Procore’s mobile app when I want to find a photo quickly and I’m out on a site,” says Vicano. “Our field guys use Procore on their mobile devices all the time. Our superintendent rarely logs in to the system on a desktop—he regularly uses the mobile app on his iPad.” 

The company most often uses the Daily Log, Drawing, and Photo tools. Every day new photos are uploaded into Procore from the job site. 

“On one out-of-town project that requires daily reports, our superintendent has really made use of the daily log feature,” Vicano explains. “In the past, he would do it with paper and pen, and then submit it to the office, either at the end of the week or at the end of the day. It would easily get lost, which caused a lot of problems. Procore’s Daily Log Tool has been really helpful for the office.” 

The office staff also benefits from the cloud-based software for procurement, subcontracts, purchase orders, submittals, RFIs, and more. 

“Without the Submittals tool, I don’t know how we’d be able to track all of the documents going back and forth,” says Vicano. “The tracking is unbelievable. Even our consultants love it. They’ve actually gone into Procore and updated their responses right on the platform, and they’ve commented on how easy it was for them to use.”

Vicano says that the time saved by using a cloud-based software solution has resulted in a 100 per cent return on investment over a short time frame. 

“If we didn’t have Procore, we wouldn’t be able to handle the many projects we have in our pipeline,” he says. “Tedious time wasters like filling out reports and spreadsheets are eliminated, giving us time to do other things, like going after more work.” 

Vicano says that using Procore continues to benefit the organization. Earlier this year a potential client asked the company to identify the technology it would use to help deliver the project.

“We responded to the RFP with a sales pitch leveraging Procore,” he says. “Procore was what won them over.”

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