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Horizon North, EllisDon join forces for modular builds

Horizon North, EllisDon join forces for modular builds
Following our annual Leaders Magazine featuring Canada's Best in Construction, learn more about those who made our TOP 50. EllisDon, Leader No. 2, goes modular with a recent partnership. 

Calgary-based Horizon North Logistics Inc. has entered into a master teaming agreement with EllisDon Corporation.

The agreement applies to projects such as commercial buildings, multi-family structures and hotels, with work to be undertaken by Horizon North’s modular solutions division.

“The rapid completion of projects that is characteristic of modular construction allows owners to begin to realize a return on their investment sooner. The combination of shorter construction timelines, reduced waste, and lower energy consumption makes modular construction very attractive for a wide variety of projects,” stated Horizon North president and CEO Rod Graham in a recent press release.

“With complementary geographies and our shared commitment to world-class safety, Horizon North and EllisDon look forward to continuing to grow the deployment of modular construction in the Canadian market.”

“In signing this agreement with Horizon North, we look forward to working with a corporation who shares our safety-first culture and our focus on quality. We look forward to the success of this agreement and its focus on what our customers have come to expect from EllisDon and our partners – quality, innovation, and excellence,” EllisDon president and CEO Geoff Smith added.


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