Boots on the ground: Procore construction management software continues to engage Canadian contractors

Boots on the ground: Procore construction management software continues to engage Canadian contractors
In the 15 years since it was developed, Procore has become the world’s most widely used construction management software, with over 2 million users and more than 4,000 clients in over 100 countries. 

Serving many Canadian construction companies, Procore has never taken its Canadian customer base for granted, says Doug Madey, director, communications with Procore.

“We started the company in California but we have boots on the ground in Canada at brick-and-mortar offices in Vancouver and Toronto,” he says. “We recognize that we need to work hard to engage Canadian clients with a project management experience that matches what they’re doing in real life.”

Procore’s value proposition covers four key benefits:
  1. It’s mobile: it connects field and office and allows users to view their projects from the same perspective at any location.
  2. It’s collaborative: offering unlimited user licenses, everyone can collaborate anytime, anywhere.
  3. It’s drawing-centric: providing a centralized repository for drawing and specs with real time updates, it facilitates more teamwork and less rework.
  4. It’s extensible: its unique Construction OS allows users to make the connections that matter most to them through the company’s App Marketplace.

General contractor Scott Construction, of Burnaby, BC adopted Procore as its construction management solution in 2014.

The company had earned a reputation for successful projects, from residential towers to institutional facilities. However, with the increasing complexity of projects, the contractor saw a need to standardize business practices across all project teams.

“We did have master templates of logs and other documents,” says Scott project manager, Matt Gore. “But over the years it had gotten to the point where they started to diverge.”

Project teams were working with Excel and paper documents. Team members entered data on spreadsheets and entered duplicate information into Word documents.   
“The more times you enter the data, the more chances mistakes will be made,” explains Gore. 

As its first experience with construction management software, the switch to Procore represented a big leap for the company. The platform now keeps Scott’s project data in one central location so that every time a drawing is updated or RFI is submitted, it’s tracked and captured. 

The platform’s Daily Log Tool allows users to track what’s happening in the field, from equipment and materials to labour and jobsite events. Project data is captured and automatically archived, and is immediately accessible from anywhere.

Procore’s cloud-based technology allows management staff to see in real-time what’s happening in the field at any time from any mobile device.
“You can check on manpower and see who’s onsite that day and see photos,” says Gore. “That’s a huge help.”

Vicano Construction Limited of Brantford, ON had encountered difficulties with managing, saving, and organizing its important documentation. 

When Microsoft templates failed to meet their needs, project managers and coordinators were often forced to create their own customized forms. That spelled trouble when the company attempted to merge data across projects. 

Employees also encountered problems saving, updating, and managing shared documents. If a project manager who had developed a unique method for managing file changes was out of the office, work on the project stopped. 

Marc Vicano, lead project manager with the company, investigated several software options before selecting one. 

“A lot of software platforms make you change how you operate your day-to-day business,” he says. “They speak a different language and want you to do things differently than what you are used to. Procore didn't force us to change. It adapted to the way we worked.”

The platform now functions as a unified repository and organizational hub for all company documents. Employees have immediate access to all company documentation including photos, submittals, RFIs, and punch items. Format consistency is maintained company-wide through the platform’s powerful cloud-based platform.

"If we didn't have Procore, we wouldn't be able to handle the many projects we have in our pipeline,” says Vicano. 

The software company continues to keep its ear to the ground to understand the needs of Canadian customers.

“You need to talk to Canadian contractors to get their perspective,” says Madey. “It’s the only way to remain relevant.”

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