Drilling begins for Calgary Green Line LRT project

Drilling begins for Calgary Green Line LRT project
CALGARY - The City of Calgary will be drilling along the route of the Green Line rapid transit alignment until Oct. 28.

Geotechnical field investigation will take place downtown, in the Crescent Heights community and the Victoria Park area.

The investigation will be comprised of drilling into specific locations to extract soil samples and gather subsurface information, explains the city.

Some traffic disruption is expected with lane and parking restrictions in place at drilling locations. Sidewalk closures may also occur.

The Green Line, a 46-kilometre-long transit line, is estimated to cost $4.65 billion in capital construction costs and will double the size of Calgary's current LRT network, adding 28 new stations. It will be built for low-floor trains in order to integrate light rail transit into existing communities.

The province of Alberta announced in July it will invest $1.53 billion over eight years on the Green Line project, with the funds coming from the province's Climate Leadership Plan.

The province previously committed more than $345 million to Calgary LRT projects, including nearly $148 million for Green Line early works and nearly $197 million for previously approved projects, including the 17th Avenue Southeast Transitway.

Construction on the Green Line is expected to begin in 2020 with the first stage completed by 2026. Calgary City Council approved the project this summer and it is intended to be built in stages as funding becomes available.


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