Graham snags $62-million Calgary Crowchild improvement project

Graham snags $62-million Calgary Crowchild improvement project
CALGARY, ALTA. — Graham Construction has been awarded a contract to improve the City of Calgary’s Crowchild Trail, a major north-south transportation link.

The project intends to enhance the route in response to ongoing traffic growth. The route now serves an average of 107,000 vehicles each day.

The $62-million project extends two kilometres along Crowchild Trail and includes the partial demolition, rehabilitation and retrofitting of four bridges. The project will also focus on widening three existing decks to add another traffic lane in both directions. This will result in a kilometre of new bridge structure.

Roadwork, retaining wall structures, deep and shallow utilities, street lighting and wayfinding signs are also within Graham's scope of work.

Work will be taking place along and over heavily trafficked roadways as well as the Bow River and a Canadian Pacific Rail line – a main line in the Western Canada network.

Construction is to start immediately and is scheduled for completion in November 2019.

The project is just the first of several phases that were part of recommendations stemming from the Crowchild Trail Study. The city accepted the recommendations in May.

These long-term plans include new interchanges and a tunnel, but funding for it has not yet been secured.




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