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Skyway Canada goes big into coatings with recent merger

Skyway Canada goes big into coatings with recent merger
On the 150th anniversary of Confederation, Canada continues to reinvent itself while remaining true to its core principles. Founded in 1967 during Canada’s centennial, Skyway Canada Limited continues to do the same. As a leading provider of scaffold and shoring solutions, Skyway’s recent merger with Apache Industrial Services has allowed the company to become a one-stop service shop offering painting, coatings, linings, refractory, fireproofing and insulation to critical infrastructure.

Founded in Toronto as a scaffold rental service, Skyway Canada quickly expanded both its reach and the products and services it offered. The company currently maintains a strong market presence in every province from British Columbia to Quebec as a-single source solutions provider offering scaffolding, swing stage, shoring, engineering, design and scaffold erection and dismantling services. 

“Common to every job we’ve tackled over the past half-century is our expertise in project design,” says Skyway Canada president and CEO, Gary Carew. “Whether we’re working on a petrochemical project in Alberta or a concrete restoration project in Ontario, we offer the same individual attention to the design, engineering, delivery and maintenance of our systems. By maintaining those principles, we also affirm our commitment to the safety of each project.”

In February, Skyway merged with U.S.-based Apache Industrial Services, a leading provider of multi-craft industrial services to the petrochemical, agricultural chemical, refinery, power generation, offshore energy and general industrial markets. That merger created a North American service powerhouse under Canadian ownership that will help the two companies extend both their reach and their slate of service offerings.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate the type of innovations and creative solutions required to satisfy our customers’ needs,” says Carew. “Wherever we operate, they’ve told us that they’re looking for companies that will perform multi-trade services to reduce the complexity of multi-contractor projects. Both Skyway and Apache are on the same path, but Apache has been doing it in reverse — they started in fireproofing and coatings and are now entering the scaffold market. We can now broaden our brush and leverage each other’s expertise to offer a combined slate of services under one brand, wherever either company operates.”

Skyway has already leveraged the technical expertise and strong supplier relationships developed by Apache to quickly bring the new services to its Canadian customers. Its recently-launched coatings division in Edmonton is already hard at work, providing coating services for fire-rated steel beams in Alberta oil and gas plants. These services will gradually expand across the country organically.

For its part, Apache is benefiting from Skyway’s strong relationship with scaffolding customers south of the border, including Bechtel Corporation and the U.S. operations of Canada’s PCL Construction. 

Skyway will also benefit from a massive ramp up of scaffold components kept in stock by Apache in the U.S.

“We’ll be operating as one large supply centre with resources to disperse and redeploy across North America,” says Carew. “Our largest job to date in the Canadian west is Suncor’s Fort Hills Oil Sands project in Fort McMurray, where we deployed 500 tractor-trailer-loads of scaffolding. While the Toronto market doesn’t usually feature one single project as large as the one in Fort Mac, the aggregate market in the east is just as significant. There’s huge demand from multiple restoration service contracts that have seen us providing anything from swing stages for the CN Tower to scaffold systems at Queens Park and the waterfront’s unique L Tower condominium. We’ll now be able to handle almost any level of demand in the Canadian market.”

Just as important as economic leverage, Carew notes that Apache also shares Skyway’s strong commitment to quality.

“We both support our engineers and craftspeople and the quality of the work they produce,” he says. “That’s really the secret to completing a job safely, efficiently, cost-effectively and on schedule.”

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