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Viewpoint unites with Dexter + Chaney to create world’s strongest construction industry software portfolio

Viewpoint unites with Dexter + Chaney to create world’s strongest construction industry software portfolio
Throughout its history, Viewpoint has committed to transform the construction industry through improved digital process in all phases of a project lifecycle. On July 21st, 2017, it moved even closer to that goal with the successful completion of its acquisition of Dexter + Chaney, a market leader in cloud-based construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The joining of the two companies is not only good for the construction industry in general, but Canadian construction companies in particular.

Combined, the two companies bring more than 75 years’ experience to the industry, creating the largest research and development team in construction software in addition to the widest range of product choices.

“Both Vista, our marquee product at Viewpoint, and Spectrum have strengths that can be applied to any type of customer,” says Matt Harris, Viewpoint’s senior vice president for products. “We’re going to be investing in both products considerably and giving the market a great deal of choice to use whichever product serves their needs."

Viewpoint ERP and project delivery software, including Vista and ProContractor, run mission-critical processes for construction companies around the world. “We are committed to continuing to innovate and enhance our existing product offerings and Spectrum to ensure that the industry’s best solutions and capabilities are available to all customers,” says Viewpoint Chairman and CEO Manolis Kotzabasakis. 

Similarly, Dexter + Chaney’s product suite, which carries the Spectrum brand, offers a versatile set of solutions that helps construction companies manage business, operations and project management needs. Dexter + Chaney was one of the first construction software companies to deliver fully integrated, web-based document management, offering the convenience of the cloud, while providing complete control over data security and user access. 

“Both Spectrum and Viewpoint ERP solutions bring unique strengths to the market,” adds Kotzabasakis. “The addition of Spectrum to our product portfolio means customers will be able to choose the solutions that best fit their needs, regardless of their size, business focus or complexity.”

In the near-term, both teams will continue to serve the individual product base and manage their distinct brands as the organizations are integrated. 

While the combined product suite currently represents some degree of overlap and redundancy, it’s not a problem says Harris: “We’re going to be very intentional about building upon the strengths that each of the products offer all types of customers, even if there is some overlap.”

Together, the companies currently serve more than 8,000 customers. Clients of either company’s software should see no difference as they continue to use the products with which they’re familiar.

“Over time we will start to build integrations between Spectrum and our existing products, Viewpoint For Field View and Viewpoint For Projects,” says Dylan Alford, Viewpoint marketing manager. “We’re looking for ways to leverage the best of both organizations and quickly bring added value to customers from both organizations.” 

One client group that will definitely benefit from Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum product is Canadian contractors who do business on both sides of the border.

“Spectrum is really good at handling multi-currency transactions,” says Alford. One Dexter + Chaney client that’s already benefiting from that capability is All Type Electric, with offices in Edmonton and Calgary and a sister company in the U.S. 

Viewpoint has already demonstrated the success of its integration model with the acquisition of Australia’s Jobpac International Systems in 2015.

“We have continued to invest in and grow Jobpac,” says Alford. “And the integrations continue to improve. We’ve just released Jobpac integrations with Viewpoint for Field View for time sheets and change orders.”

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