Superior Construction Market Data

We make over 2 million contacts per year with construction industry professionals to collect, verify and maintain data on over 184,000 bidding projects and more than 85,000 planning projects. All to give you the best, most complete construction market analysis possible.

Our Relationships

At the center of CMD's data collection processes are experienced people who are focused on building relationships in the construction industry. With an average tenure of over eleven years, they have established long-term relationships with over 130,000 owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors and industry associations like the AIA to collect and verify the data that is so critical for our customers.

To complement the work done by our research market team, CMD uses automated web harvesting tools to keep us up-to-date on new data or changes to existing data, as well as industry market trends. We also utilize data feeds and automatic imports to round out our federal and local government information.

Our Technology

We use the latest technology to significantly improve the usability of the construction market data for our customers. By sending every new document we receive, as well as thousands of historical documents, through sophisticated "optical character recognition" and other technologies, we allow searching in plans and specifications by keyword and CSI code, for current projects as well as over three years of past projects.

Our coverage

CMD is the only data provider with the combination of true national U.S. coverage and the strongest Canadian coverage available. We cover the realm of commercial and civil construction project in planning, bidding and post-bid phases. We also have a team focused on acquiring projects from large national chains such as Wal-mart, Belk and Destination Hotels. All of this adds up to unmatched coverage of private and public projects, ready for you to access. 

Sharper Tools

Analytical Tools

Our products are superior because of the data generated automatic lead tools behind them., but we don't stop there. Because we understand our customers' priorities, we develop sophisticated models and algorithms to apply intelligence to the data, giving you real insight that will drive your company's success.

Material Demand combines RSMeans models with project data to give you the value of your products on a given project.

Integrated economic models by Oxford Economics in our Forecast product bring best-in-class information to your planning process. Our analytical tools provides you with the best tools pointing you to the latest project and construction leads.


Our platform, Insight, provides a uniquely visual design with a configurable dashboard that lets you customize it to meet your business needs. A single login and flexible filters offer the convenience of immediate access to projects across the United States and Canada.

Multiple Formats

Every individual and every business is different. Because of this, we offer our information in multiple formats so that you can choose the one that works for you. From customized sales territories to cost data in book, online or CD, tailoring information has never been easier.


Strong Partnerships

We know the best way to stay current on the direction and needs of an ever-changing industry is to be part of it. We are not only the Inaugural Strategic Partner of the AIA, but also active members of industry-leading associations, including the AIA, the AGC, CSI and the USGBC.

Why we partner - better information!

We work every day with people and businesses who know what's happening on the construction horizon. Our nationwide partners help us make sure the information we provide is up-to-the-minute accurate, so you can rely upon the strength of the data we provide.

We support the design industry

Partnerships are a two-way street. In exchange for the valued information our partners provide us, we provide valuable leads to support their members, as well as their own business efforts. We also host an exciting new AEC portal - an industry-specific community where all industry members - from architects and engineers to contractors, estimators and manufacturers - can come together to share and gain information and build their network of industry contacts.

We bring the industry together for community projects

We want to make a difference! We are the organizer and primary sponsor of AEC Cares, a 501c3 formed to bring industry professionals together for a special project within a new community every year. Working with the AIA, Hanley Wood and hundreds of dedicated volunteers, we have been able to touch the lives of Katrina survivors, homeless teens trying to stay in school, homeless disabled veterans and low income children needing a safe place to stay during the day. 2015 will see us partner with Covenant House Georgia to address the issue of homeless and trafficked teens and youth in Atlanta. We invite professionals throughout the nation to join our effort!